TItans Prepare For Falcons As Cuts Approach

TItans Prepare For Falcons As Cuts Approach

The Titans completed their final padded practice Thursday before a walk through on Friday and a trip to Atlanta to face the Falcons Saturday night.

During his short time as the head coach of the Tennessee Titans, it has become clear to media members that Ken Whisenhunt doesn't show his cards until the last minute. The plans for Saturday's third preseason game with Atlanta is one of this cards.

In Thursday's final media access period of the week Whisenhunt was asked about various things including playing time for the starters, his answers were not that informative.

"We’ll decide on Saturday," answered Whisenhunt. "Which we’ve been doing and tell them the day of the game."

He was equally non-committal on who would get the bulk of work in the return game.

"We’ll see with the rotation. We’ve got a plan for it. We got Marc (Mariani) a chance last week after the rain game, so we’ll have to see how the situations go." said Whisenhunt. "At some point, we’re going to get Leon (Washington) and Dexter (McCluster) some reps, just because they’re pretty good at it."

Whisenhunt did share his thoughts on the pass rush through the first two games.

"It’s preseason. You’re looking at a lot of one-on-one matchups that you can get evaluations of guys. I think we’ve been close. I think we’ve played two offenses that have been in their system for a number of years, and they get the ball out pretty quickly," continued Whisenhunt. "I know we were close a couple of times the last game. You’ve just got to keep working at it. Hopefully we’ll start getting home and having some success there."

With the first round of cuts (90 down to 75) coming on Tuesday, Whisenhunt was open about the evaluation process and his feelings about the process cutting those players.

"I think the biggest consideration is body of work. Everybody can have a bad game, everybody can have one great game, but you try to look at everything. How they’ve practiced, how they’ve prepared, what you’re seeing consistently out of them<" stated Whisenhunt. "Hopefully it’s a tough decision. Hopefully you have enough guys that are working hard and competing that it makes that tough."

And as far as cutting player.

"I hate it. I don’t like it one bit, but that’s part of the business. I’ve been on both ends of it, and neither one of them is very pleasant, commented Whisenhunt. "You’ve been with these young men for a long time. We’ve gone through a lot together, so to essentially say goodbye is tough."

Whisenhunt summed up the situation with this.

"We’re getting plenty of chances to evaluate our players in situations. This is one of the better offenses in the league, it has been for a number of years. They’ve got talented players," concluded Whisenhunt. "We have to play our scheme well to compete against them. Hopefully we’ll understand that and raise our level of play."

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