Pacman Suspended

Pacman Suspended

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell handed down his decision on Adam "Pacman" Jones and made an example for the entire league. Goodell suspended Jones for the entire 2007 season for his off the field behavior and incidents with law enforcement.

Goodell stated in his letter to Jones "Your conduct has brought embarrassment and ridicule upon yourself, your club, and the NFL, and has damaged the reputation of players throughout the league. You have put in jeopardy an otherwise promising NFL career, and have risked both your own safety and the safety of others through your off-field actions. In each of these respects, you have engaged in conduct detrimental to the NFL and failed to live up to the standards expected of NFL players. Taken as a whole, this conduct warrants significant sanction."

As part of the suspension Jones will be monitored by the Titans and the NFL during the term of the suspension as part of his opportunity to earn reinstatement through adherence to a set of conditions. His status will be reviewed after the Titans' 10th regular-season game to determine the extent to which he has complied with the conditions and whether the suspension should be affected by the disposition of any pending charges.

The specific requirements that apply to his suspension include the following:

He must have no further adverse involvement with law enforcement.

He must fully cooperate with all required counseling, education, and treatment assigned under league or court-ordered programs.

He must adhere to the restrictions on his activities that have been agreed to by he and the Titans.

He may not be at the Titans' facility through May 31 and may not participate in any practices or organized workouts during the term of the suspension.

Beginning June 1, he must visit the team facility once each week to meet with the team's player development director.

Also, beginning June 1, he is permitted to spend one day a week at the team facility for conditioning, film study, and other similar activities.

In conjunction with the team's player development director and other professionals working with him, Jones must develop with the Titans a structured program of community service or other activity. This program must be submitted to the league office for review and approval.

Goodell went to say "I must emphasize to you that this is your last opportunity to salvage your NFL career, I urge you to take full advantage of the resources available to support you in that effort."

These actions leave the team scrambling to find out what direction they need to take in the draft to replace him on the roster. The owner of the team Bud Adams released the following statement today.

"We appreciate the Commissioner's thoughtful decision today and the discipline plan imposed on Adam Jones. We respect this decision and are confident this is in the best interest of the League and the team. We are hopeful that it will achieve the goals of disciplining the player and eventually enabling him to return to the field of play. Our goals for Jones are consistent with the League's in that regard.

We are one team among 32 in a league that has collectively bargained with its players on a number of issues. One of those issues is discipline and the Commissioner has far greater discretion and power in matters of discipline than individual clubs. This level of corrective action is simply not available to the team, and we made the conscious decision to defer to the Commissioner's action with respect to the League's Conduct Policy. We also believe that any suspension by the Commissioner has ramifications to the player's contract status and can be dealt with by the team in due course.

Unfortunately this decision does not end our deliberations about this player for our team. We will need assurances from the player on a number of issues before we are comfortable having him return to the team. Until we see a change in behavior through his actions and until he shows the ability to avoid controversy off the field, we will move forward with the possibility that he may not return to this team.

We feel that the future for Jones rests with him, his ability to meet the standards required by the League and the team, and his effort to earn back trust from the organization, teammates, the NFL and the fans. Only if he meets these guidelines will he be allowed to return to the team."

Only time will tell if this action will help Jones or seal his fate to never return to the field. He will be kept away from the team except for his weekly visit and they have been the one area of his life that has kept him out of trouble. As the draft quickly approaches the management for the team will have to find a replacement for him either through the draft or free agency. Recommended Stories

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