Titans Tuesday Training Camp Report

Titans Tuesday Training Camp Report

Coach Jeff Fisher's Tuesday report from Titans Training Camp

(on Courtney Roby's catch during this morning's practice)
There are different types of catches. That one was certainly unique. I had several people ask if it was in fact a catch and I said, ‘Yeah, a catch is defined as having possession and control throughout the down." And he had it. It was hard to see on our coach's tape. So if you were fortunate enough to see it in person, it was one of the better we've had.

(on Mould's adjustments to the Titans' system)

It's hard to quantify. He's not making any mistakes. I'd say he's doing pretty well. In a week or so he'll have everything down.

(on veteran players having select practices off)

We're watching everybody. Everybody's situation is different. There will be times when we back down but as it is now, Eric [Moulds] has been through a lot of camps. He's not having any issues right now. So if we back him down, it's just from a physical needs standpoint.

(on whether it's a make-or-break year for Antwan Odom and Travis LaBoy)

I wouldn't say that. We're hoping we'll have them healthy through the year. That's primarily been the issue with them and they both took turns with unfortunate things for them last year. We're not expecting them to have any issues and we expect them to be healthy this year. If that's the case then they'll compliment each other. We've got three, make that four guys who can really rush off the edge which will be good for us.

(on the middle linebackers)

We still haven't made any decisions. Both of them are doing well. We're alternating them back and forth. Fortunately, when you've got two that can play the position, that's a good problem to have. 

(on which player is really catching his eye)

That's hard to single out one person in particular. We've seen improvement in a lot of areas. I'd rather talk about positions. You've got receivers like Courtney [Roby] making catches and Brandon [Jones] consistently making catches. Paul Williams, yesterday, had some great catches. And then the next day the DBs will make plays, knocking balls down. So we're seeing a lot at different positions, which is good for the team. 

(on the tight end position)

That's one position we really haven't identified. It's a competitive position only because we're going to potentially use three in a game. We're trying to take advantage of the strengths of all three of them. Ben [Hartsock] is more of an on-the-line blocker and knows exactly what to do, yet can get down the field. And Ben Troupe is more of a receiver-type. Bo [Scaife] is kind of a combination of both. He's more versatile. So it's a good combination to have with the first three. And then of course we have depth there, too. Coop [Cooper Wallace] is having a good camp and Jamie [Petrowski]'s starting to get his legs back underneath him a little bit. Casey [Cramer]'s kind of a jack of all trades. He plays fullback, he plays tight end, he does everything for us. It's as much depth as we've had for a number of years at that position.  

(on when the team will start specifically preparing for the Redskins)

We're still installing. We'll install through the weekend and install the first couple of days [of next week]. We're really not putting a specific game plan together. In the first pre-season game we're more concerned about play time than we are about x's and o's. We'll keep things simple and just let them play. But that won't take place until the middle of next week.

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