Titans Tuesday Practice Report

Titans Tuesday Practice Report

Coach Fisher spoke about Tuesdays practice and preparation for the Redskins. The Titans are starting to gel as a team as practice continues.

What do you think about Vince Young's autograph session?

Fisher: "He was looking forward to it today. He's been talking about it the last couple of days knowing that today was his day. He handles it pretty well; he enjoys it."

How is the coaching staff handling today's practice during a heat advisory?
Fisher: "We encouraged, throughout the morning and throughout the practice, the pre-hydration part, because that's so important. If you get out on the practice field and you're thirsty when you start, you have no chance. So we pushed fluids earlier and we didn't have any issues. LenDale [White] had a minor issue just for a few minutes. This is by far the hottest, and probably highest percent of heat and humidity that we've had in a long time. They handled it well. You don't need to go twice a day and you can't stay out as long, but you can certainly get some work done." 

How close are you to determining starters for the preseason opener?

Fisher: "We're not close. We're going to use the preseason games to help and make the decisions there. I think what you'll find, even though we're not ready to disclose specific play time, is that in the competitive positions, we'll probably start one player this week and then start the other player next week. So that kind of will be our plan in a lot of those positions."  

How is Cortland Finnegan's progress going?

Fisher: "He's been very productive the last couple days. He's got his hands on it. We'd like to see him do more than just knock the balls down. But at least he's getting there. We hope it will carry over into the game."

How comfortable to you feel with Rob Bironas at kicker?

Fisher: "Like we said at the beginning of camp, it's very competitive with John Vaughn, who has a legitimate shot to come in here and compete. We want to create competition there. And it goes beyond just the field goals. It's going to include kickoffs, extra points and all those things. I hope in several games they'll be put in pressure situations." 

Will Chris Davis be able to return punts at the NFL level?

Fisher: "We're going to find out. He's got the ability once he catches the ball to make people miss. He's done it at the collegiate level. He just needs to become a little more consistent at handling the ball, though. I'm a little concerned about that." 
What is your impression of the running backs at this point in training camp?

Fisher: "The whole group is doing very well. We're looking forward to watching them play. Both Chris [Brown and Henry] have had great camps. LenDale had a sore shoulder and we backed him off, but he's back. So we're going to try to give them all the opportunity throughout the preseason to carry the ball with the first unit."

Is Jacob Ford catching up after losing weight?

Fisher: "He's showing some flashes on occasion. I don't think he still has the strength. But it's hard to get it back because of the fatigue factor from practice to practice. However, he is building, ever so slightly. Hopefully in another couple weeks we'll see some things out of him on Saturdays or Fridays. Mind you that he will remind us of why we drafted him. He's done some things out here, however."

Will players who are injured early possibly lag behind during the season?

Fisher: "No. This is the toughest part of camp. We get into the later part of the week where we're having one-a-day practices and walk-throughs. And once you get through the first preseason game they have the chance to come back. We've had guys who have, ironically, gained weight since coming to camp. [Jacob Bell] hopefully will continue to be one of them."

How is Courtney Roby's health?

Fisher: "His ribs are a little sore. He took a hard fall and then had a hard time recovering from it. He'll be ok; I don't think it should keep him out of practice."

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