Titans Sneak Past Pats 27-24

Titans Sneak Past Pats 27-24

The Tennessee Titans put together a late game surge to beat the New England Patriots 27-24. Here are the comments from Head Coach Jeff Fisher after the game.

Did you leave Vince Young and the number one offense in longer to try to get them some more reps?

Fisher: "We talked about a number of plays. [That] is what we wanted to do going into this game. We had a couple of real short series. We had the fumble and then we had the three-and-out. And then the defense was on the field. We just didn't get the number of plays. We were pleased, at least, that we got the plays in by halftime. And there were a lot of things to learn from. First and foremost, we are all out there in the heat of training camp and then all of a sudden you have to learn how to handle a wet ball and play on a wet surface. That is important. That was a good experience for us. We were out of sync offensively. We hurt ourselves way too much with things that didn't have to do with the play—the offsides, the false starts and the illegal formation and those kinds of things. So we have to get past those. We have to get past those things. You don't win with those kinds of things happening as frequently as they did. Good things on defense. I thought the 4-man pass rush—we didn't send; we just didn't blitz or dog much, we were just getting really good pressure with the 4-man rush, which was really good to see and it led to some hurries and some turnovers. Of course when you have the turnovers like we did today you should find a way to win the ballgame."

What did you think of Vince Young's performance tonight?

Fisher: "There were little things here and there. He misfired a couple of times. I thought he was in command with what he was doing. He had a good understanding of what they were trying to do. They pressured him an awful lot. I thought, for the most part, that we were okay with protection. We gave the free hit, which you don't ever like to see, especially as far as Rodney [Harrison] is concerned because he can still bring it. But, their defensive front is very, very talented and very solid. I am sure we will look back on it as being real good experience and good work for us."

Did you get an explanation from the refs on the Patriots special teams play?

Fisher: "First off, they decided that they were going to go for two. Then they subbed, so we matched. And then they get the delay of game and then they come back and  decide that they are going to kick it, but they were a little undecided. My deal was just to remind the officials that on a PAT or a try, or anytime there is a substitution like that, the defense has an opportunity to match up. Had we sent a group in late, he would have had to hold the ball and allow us to match up. That was the discussion."

Onthe play in the first half when Heath Evans scored on a 2-yard run? You talked to the referee after that. What did he say?

Fisher: "He simply said that one of our defensive linemen was in the neutral zone as a result of an action that he took to try to get the umpire out of the way. As he pushed or moved the umpire his arm went into the neutral zone and they called a neutral zone infraction."

How close was LenDale White to playing?

Fisher: "Close. He ran before, but he just had some swelling. But, I think he'll benefit from it. He should practice this week and then play next week."

Can you comment on your decision to go with Chris Henry?

Fisher: "Chris Brown got the chance to run with the starters last week. We wanted to see Chris [Henry] have the opportunity to run behind the starting offensive line."

Is it too early to tell how he did?

Fisher: "Yes, I would have to see the tape."

Is Vince Young okay from that hit by Rodney Harrison?

Fisher: "He's okay. He is a little sore. But, he'll follow me here and I believe he is doing fine."

Were you pleased with Michael Griffin's play?

Fisher: "Michael Griffin made some plays. [Cortland Finnegan's] play initially to set us up with the first score was a great play and Griffin was in good position. I am pleased with the plays, but I think there are some other plays that did not involve turnovers and such that were excellent as well. So, it looked as if he has really taken a step this last week."

Comment on your decision to start Cortland Finnegan tonight?

Fisher: "Well, we were hoping to start [Reynaldo Hill], but Rey wasn't able to go, so we just went with [Cortland] again to give him a chance to run one more time, at least one more game, with the first unit."

Is he doing enough that he is making himself hard to replace?

Fisher: "We said two weeks ago that he started to make his move, and we never counted him out. We have touch decisions to make and they are good problems to have because we are getting a lot of production out of the corner spot right now."

What are the positives you can take away from tonight?

Fisher: "Well, we set out to win the ballgame, which is good. You need to win the ballgame whenever you get the chance to, and we did. I think the defensive line play, the effort and those kinds of things, were good. I thought we tackled well. We didn't game plan. We stayed somewhat basic and simple on defense, so we saw some good things there. I thought, for the most part, that our coverage units did a nice job. It looked like we had at least three quarters of the unit on the ball every time when they were returning, so I was pleased with that."

What do the injuries look like tonight?

Fisher: "Nothing significant. Jonathan Evans has a mild ankle and Cooper Wallace came out with a knee, but it doesn't look too bad."

What did think of the play of Kerry Collins tonight?

Fisher: "Kerry understands what he is doing. He put himself in position. He made a nice throw to Roydell [Williams]. It was good to get Roydell back in the lineup and that was a nice throw, a very accurate throw. He did a nice job. And Tim [Rattay] did a nice job moving the ball for us, too, at the end."

What about the two encroachment penalties that Tony Brown had on the hard count?

Fisher: "Tom [Brady] is one of the better quarterbacks in the league at it."

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