Titans Monday camp Report

Titans Monday camp Report

Coach Jeff Fisher talks about this weeks game against Green Bay and the upcoming cuts.

How much does Keith Bulluck means to this franchise?

Fisher: "We drafted him to come in here and be an impact player. That's what he was and still is. He's been that for a number of years. He's kind of been the glue here the last two or three as we've kind of gone through the transition. He's had his moments where he's been frustrated, but all in all, he's hung in there. I think he's seen things pay off by now. It's been good that he's been very, very consistent not only in his play but in his approach to this game."

What are the challenges of preparing for a game during a short week?

Fisher: "It's just that – it's a short week. Here we are, whatever day it is. That's just how the players are. They don't know what day it is. They just know we've got to meet, we've got to practice and we're going to play in a couple days. So we've got a lot to get done and we've had a good start. The weather has cooperated perfectly for us. They don't bat an eye at a thing. They concentrate, they finish practice. We've got some personnel decisions we've got to make and some lineup decisions we've got to make. Of course we've got to figure out how we're going to win this ballgame on Thursday night."

How tough is it to prepare with cuts looming?

Fisher: "It's as tough as it gets because you're getting ready for a game but you know that immediately following the game, within 24 to 36 hours after the ballgame, you're going to be down to your final roster. So you've got a lot of decisions. You just can't wait until Friday morning to start talking about [the cuts]. You've got to be discussing those issues well in advance, which we have been."

Can a player's performance this Thursday significantly affect his chance at a roster spot?

Fisher: "It really depends on the specific player. We have different situations going here. We have guys competing for starting jobs. One would assume that the one who loses the starting battle is going to be on the roster. We've got guys that are competing for roster spots. Every situation is different. There's going to be a player or two that can make a difference in the fourth and final preseason game and earn a spot."

Do roster numbers still remain flexible at this point?

Fisher: "We have that flexibility, yes. At the end of the day, when we get to the final 53, we are saying, ‘These are the best 53 players on this roster.' Now, that seventh receiver may be better than that tenth defensive back. Players look at it and try to figure out numbers. It's unfair for them because their position, despite what they think, relates to other positions. When we get to 53, we're not done. We're going to continue to upgrade the roster".

Can a player change the coaches' minds in the last week or is the roster fairly set?

Fisher: "I think we have a pretty good idea of the direction we're headed right now. There could be something that takes place in the ballgame that could have us turn and go another direction. But for the most part, we have a pretty good idea as a staff."

Do you inform players beforehand if they'll make it?

Fisher: "There's a lot that goes on, as far as that's concerned. It's complicated. This is the first time where we've had a number of situations where we've had competition for starters and backup roles. In order to do it right, yes, you have to communicate with them. You have to let them know that this has either been done or we'll make the decision after the ballgame, or we've already made the decision but we're going to let you play with the starters because we feel like the guy that's earned the position has had enough experience there. It's different as it relates to each position."

Have you had any of those conversations yet?

Fisher: "Maybe."

Did Chris Davis have a knack for the slot coming in?

Fisher: "We picked his role up a little bit this week, so he has. He made some plays today in there, as did Eric [Moulds]. That's primarily the reason why we drafted him is to come in and find a way to get open underneath. He does a pretty good job of that."

How long do you expect to play the starters in Thursday's game?

Fisher: "We're going to play most of the starters into the first series of the third quarter. There will be a few exceptions."

Would you like to play against Green Bay's best players in order to test his team?

Fisher: "It's always the case as you go into the final preseason game where teams have different philosophies. So the best case scenario is that they play everybody. But we can't always relate or depend on that. We go out there and play our guys as long as we possibly can regardless of who they're playing against."

How impressed are you with Brett Favre's longevity?

Fisher: "I don't think anybody thought 10 years ago that he would still be playing [today]. Based on the way he's playing now, he's got a lot left. Nobody's been through the difficulties that he's been through off the field with the family situation, but he bounces back year after year after year. He is, without question, one of the best to ever play this game."

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