Titans Gameweek: Monday Report

Titans Gameweek: Monday Report

Coach Jeff Fisher talks about the past game with Jacksonville and the upcoming game with the defending Super Bowl Champ Colts.

Are you concerned about getting refocused on this week's game plan after the win?

"I think the Colts' success last year and their recent success as of last Thursday certainly gets your attention. The challenge in the National Football League is putting things behind you, whether you win or you don't. You have to look at them, put them in perspective and move on. Fortunately with this one there were a lot of good things to talk about and a few things to correct. The players have moved on."

How much does this win help establish the team's identity?

"It helps when you go out, run the football and play as aggressively as we did yesterday in the opener. But you have to ensure that there's carryover. That's a week-to-week thing. You have to continue to enforce it. The reality is, these are two completely different game plans from our defensive perspective. The offense does things they do well and you like to do them week after week. Defensively, we have a completely different challenge on our hands. We know it, we're familiar with them. It seems like they usually have two or three extra days to prepare for us, and they do. I'm sure they got a good start, and we have to catch up."

What will be the difference between the Titans' defensive schemes against Jacksonville and Indianapolis?

Fisher: "The Colts' offense is certainly different and our approach to their run game is different. I thought yesterday we set out to do some different things and shut down some different types of runs with their personnel group, and we did that. We had guys in wrong gap fits on two occasions and they took advantage of that. With the Colts, when you have someone in the wrong gap fit, they're definitely going to take advantage of it. As we all know, your safeties can't be as involved in your run-fronts as we had them in there yesterday because of the potential for a play-action pass. Again, it's a completely different approach."

What will the Titans' offensive approach against Indianapolis be versus their approach in the Jacksonville game?

"I think Jacksonville has really good speed. Jacksonville's reputation starts with the two tackles [Marcus Stroud and John Henderson], but they have excellent team speed, both at linebacker and secondary. There's not much difference once you start talking about linebackers and secondary. The difference is the front. That's going to be our challenge. Our offensive approach is certainly going to be different against the Colts' defense because it is a little different. You still have to get out, block and make plays. As we've shown, one way of effectively playing the Colts is keeping their offense off the field. To do that, you have to hand the ball off."

How he would rate the Titans' offensive line in the Jacksonville game?

Fisher: "It doesn't stop with the interior. Our tackles played very well. Our tight ends blocked, our receivers blocked, our fullbacks blocked. It was a combination of things. It was formations. It was the fact that our quarterback is mobile and they were concerned about him on the edge. They were bringing ends up field at times and holding people backside for cutbacks and boots. So we took advantage of some things formation-wise.  Of course, we'll carry some of those things in to see what the Colts' approach is going to be. Let's face it – we had a whole offseason. We had a whole training camp take a look at and try to do some things against the Jaguars and it worked. We had carryover. I think there was some carryover from the physical play standpoint, from the end of the preseason and into the regular season. You look at the Jaguars team, and I think 30 of their players didn't play in their fourth and final preseason game. Maybe there's something to that, and maybe there's not. We had some carryover from the preseason, the physical play and the number of plays that we played." 

What has been the carryover from last season and this preseason?

"We got some things done. There were still some mistakes and we corrected the mistakes. Last year we finished up running the football pretty well. It's nice to start off again running the football [well]. But there are still a lot of areas for improvement. We got inside the 10-yard line four times and came away with one touchdown and two field goals. To me, inside the 10, you can't do that. Granted, their defense is a good defense, but we left points on the board yesterday."

How key were the receivers to the Jacksonville game's productive offense?

Fisher: "It was the scheme and it was our option yesterday. The quarterback had options. From that standpoint, Vince [Young] did a really solid job of managing this game. Now [he was] 11 for 18, and not a whole lot of yards, but the decisions he made up front with the run game and on occasion getting the ball outside were excellent."

What did you think about Chris Brown's improvement and his yards-after-contact?

Fisher: "We saw that throughout camp and when he got the opportunity during the preseason. Of course yesterday he did an exceptional job with his vision and cut back. I think he had a really good idea of knowing where he was going to end up based on the defense and the way they lined up. That's the mark of an experienced back. I talked to him before our meeting [today] and he felt great. He had 175 yards and acted today like he hadn't even played. The hats should go off to the offensive line and to the play-caller to put him in those kinds of situations."

Did the team come out as healthy as you hoped after Jacksonville game?

"Yeah, we didn't have any issues."

Does Indianapolis have an advantage because of their extra three days of preparation?

"We'll have to wait and see how things are on Sunday. It's certainly nice to be able to rest up, but they had a short week. The other end of that is that they had to hurry up from their final preseason game to their opener. It's nice to rest up but it's also nice to be in a routine, as well. When you have a young team, it's nice to be able to keep them in a routine. I think it will work well for us as well."

How id you feel about Antwan Odom's roughing the passer penalty and Albert Haynesworth's unnecessary roughness penalty?

Fisher: "I see how they could be called. I prefer not to see them called. I'm not going to make an issue of it or talk to the league. What we've tried to do at the league level is not call every little call, all of the contact to the quarterback's face. At times, there's really meaningless contact. Any time you touch him in the face you get called, so we're trying to avoid some of those. So I didn't think it was as severe or warranted the call. But, like I said after the game yesterday, [referee] Bill [Carollo] thought that he grabbed the facemask. So I'm fine with it. With Albert's play, I can see where they're saying you can't pick up somebody and dump them on the ground. But if Albert doesn't put him on the ground, he [Maurice Jones-Drew] squirts out and he's still running, and someone else has to finish the play. That's the kind of back he is. Those kinds of things happen. We ended the game with four penalties, two that you could question. The other two were legitimate, and that's certainly an improvement for us."

Did the Titans get a break on the LenDale White's goal line play where it was determined his knee was down before the fumble?

Fisher: "I haven't looked at it. I couldn't tell. Sometimes those things happen. That's why we have whistles and the rule for down-by-contact."

What did you think about Calvin Lowry's play?

Fisher: "He was fine. All of the first-timers, the new guys in the secondary, played well and were aggressive. I thought Ryan [Fowler] did a nice job. We had some new faces on defense that stepped in and got the job done."

Was Cortland Finnegan in man-to-man coverage on John Broussard's 47-yard touchdown catch?

Fisher: "No, he was not in man. There was a really good throw and catch [made by David Garrard and Broussard, respectively]."

How was Vince Young's rhythm during the game?

"Of course you want to see improvement, but there are going to be incomplete passes.  That is the nature of the game.  [Jacksonville's] defense has created a lot of problems for quarterbacks over the years.  I think the quarterback rating against this defense last year was around 60.  They create problems for all quarterbacks.  I thought he managed the game well.  He made some throws he needed to make.  This throws out of center to the receivers that are bubbling back have to be accurate.  They have to be quick.  That is a tough throw to make and he was very accurate with those throws."

What did you think about Vince's clock management and the play when he ran out of bounds late in the game?

Fisher: "I don't expect him to slide in that particular situation with five minutes left to go in the game.  At the end of the game, the clock will stop inside of five minutes when the ball goes out of bounds.  It runs and is resets outside of five minutes.  The clock stopped at 4:59 at the end of that play.  That is not a concern.  We talked to him and they were using their timeouts and we were inside two-and-a-half or even three minutes, he was in complete control.  He knew exactly what needed to be done."

Did you look at the JumboTron during Jacksonville's touchdown to see if the ball was dropped?

Fisher: "It was hard.  I will always look at a JumboTron.  I was surprised that they showed the picture because normally on the road you don't get to see that.  I guess in their minds they thought is was clearly a touchdown, but I will look at it.  I will go talk upstairs to see if anybody has a different view.  Anytime there is a throw like that, and a receiver is extended and hitting the ground hard in the end zone, there is always a chance for him to bobble the ball.  That is what I was looking for."

Did you expect to use the spread offense as much heading into the game or if it was an adjustment?

Fisher: "We did a number of different things that we expected to have success at yesterday.  As is the case in most games, you are going to adjust based on what the defense is doing.  Sometimes the defense adjusts and sometimes it does not."

Will the division of carries for running backs continue through the season?

Fisher: "I think it was the way things happened yesterday.  Again, I would envision [the carries] being more of a 60/40 division between the starter and the backup.  It worked and they were getting their yards and they were getting plenty of snaps.  I think it worked out just fine for us."

Is the 60/40 division based on the style of running for the upcoming opponent?

"It is a week-to-week thing."

Are you planning on getting Corey Simon more snaps this week?

Fisher: "That remains to be seen.  We had three-and-outs this game, so that is the primary reason Corey didn't play as many snaps as he would have.  We had 51 defensive snaps and we had a number of three-and-outs.  In those situations where we would have had extended drives he would have gotten more snaps."

How many snaps did Corey Simon play?

Fisher: "Eight to 10 snaps, I think."

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