Titans Press Pass: Defense slows Colts

Titans Press Pass: Defense slows Colts

Titans defensive players talk about the 22-20 loss to the Colts.


What did you think about rushing Peyton Manning today?

Odom: "That is a key to get him off of his landmark and get him moving around making him throw on the move. We just wanted to stop their run and force Peyton to have to make all the plays with the pass. We knew we had to get him off his spot if we had any chance to win. We did want to make him move around, but he was able to make a few plays scrambling. Next time, we'll be more prepared for him."


What helped you intercept Peyton Manning in 3rd quarter?

Finnegan: "I think all during preseason and last week, the defensive line has played great. You have to have that to put pressure to cause bad routes or bad throws. I was just in a zone drop on the interception, and got a great jam re-route on the receiver by our linebacker and gave me a great chance to make a play on the ball. You have to have a short memory after every play because they have really great receivers and they are going to make plays. They (Wayne and Harrison) are two of the best receivers and the best quarterback in the NFL and they are going to make plays. So you have to brush that off and keep working."

What did you think about the Titans effort today?

Finnegan: "I think on both sides of the ball, we did everything well. You have to give the Colts some credit. You know that if you get your hands on the ball, you have to have the interception. That's one of the things I should have done on the one I missed earlier. I have to go back and look at film because there is work to be done on my part. We just have to get better from it and move on. But we are a good football team."


What are your thoughts on the loss today?

Brown: "They did a good job against us and they had a good game plan. But we had one as well. We just wanted to come out and disrupt Peyton as much as possible. We know everything they do is on timing. We felt like it was a hard fought game. The only thing we didn't do is win. Both teams did good things and it could have gone either way. We just want to play hard every week and win these type games, because we know we can, and should have. It's going to be a dogfight every time when you play us. Despite the loss, our confidence is getting there. It started once we began training camp. All eleven guys on defense took it upon ourselves to make a personal goal to try to be the best defense on the field."


What are your thoughts on sacking Peyton Manning today?

Haynesworth: "Any time you get Peyton down is good because he is a guy who avoids a lot of hits and gets rid of the ball really quick. So when you get a sack, you have to cherish those. I was at the right place at the right time and got to him. But you are never happy with one sack. You just want more sacks."

How do you think the Titans will do for the rest of the year?

Haynesworth: "The down years of the Titans are over with. We are going to come out here and play with a lot of heart. We'll go toe-to-toe with anybody, even the world champs."

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