Titans-Buccaneers Week: Tuesday Report

Titans-Buccaneers Week: Tuesday Report

Titans Head Coach talks about last weeks game and the upcoming game with Tampa Bay.

How is the team's health?

Fisher: "I don't really have any significant injuries to report on from the game, which is good. We've got some guys that are banged up a little bit and they could be questionable for Wednesday's practice. Beyond that, I think we're in really good shape from a health standpoint. "

What happened on LenDale White's fumble?

Fisher: "The ball was punched out. "

How does Vince Young get over tough games?

Fisher: "He didn't have any problems. This morning we looked at the tape – and I need to point out that he was seven-for-seven to start out the game. He was doing some good things. The ball didn't hit the ground. We were moving the ball, LenDale fumbled, then we came back, answered, and put a drive together and got points. The first interception should have either been caught or broken up. The second one, he's made that play before. He was just scrambling around and he's got the ball to the back of the check-down. The third one, he probably should not have thrown that ball. He should have thrown that away. Aside from that, I thought he managed the game. He was a little frustrated at the end, but he was fine. He knew going into this ball game that this was a good defense. [Atlanta's] defense had created some problems for some other clubs. They were a proven defense and he knew exactly what he was going to get out of the defense. I thought he was prepared, so we'll put this one behind us and we'll move on. "

What happened on the fourth-and-one play?

Fisher: "The ball was underthrown. [Young] had some penetration. He had to come off his course a little bit and the ball was underthrown. "

Were there any plays that he threw the ball when he should have scrambled?

Fisher: "No, I thought he managed the ballgame well. We were lucky to win it. Let me point this out – there were 14 drives in the game. Half of [Atlanta's] drives started inside our own 45-yard line. Five of those seven started inside our own 25-yard line. And we gave up six points. It was not necessarily the offense's concern, but the team's concern. There were special teams-related problems we had, but the defense answered the challenge yesterday for us, which is going to have to happen on occasion. Vince managed the game well. Because of the three-and-outs and some turnovers we never got enough flow in the run game. There were some more opportunities to run the football, we just couldn't get in the flow. So we have a lot of things to work on. I will also say that the defense can play much better than it did. It was a great effort, but they can still play better. We had some communication issues. We had some alignment mistakes. We had some other things happen that we need to get better at. That was our focus this morning as we watched the tape, was to get better this week, period. "

Has Vince raised expectations so high that it's easy to be disappointed?

Fisher: "We won the football game and he was our quarterback. He started the game and finished the game, and we won. This team is 3-1 right now. If my memory serves me right, the two teams he's lost to in the last 11 or 12 games would be the Colts and the Patriots. He's won just about every other game. I think he's doing a pretty good job. But this is a team effort and this team needs to get better. We're not satisfied. We're satisfied, right now, with one thing and that's our record in the first part of the season. We have to get better as a team. "

Was the message to Vince this morning while reviewing the game was positive or negative?

Fisher: "The message to the team was to improve. I don't necessarily to into details as to what specific messages are to specific players. "

What did you think about Albert Haynesworth's leaping dive over the Falcons' offensive line in the fourth quarter?

Fisher: "Albert studies. He's athletic. He knew the situation. He knew that those linemen were going to cut because that's the way they execute the blocks down there on the one-yard line in goal line situations. He was anticipating the quarterback sneak and he was trying to get up, and he did. It was a huge play. Three or four plays before that, Kyle (Vanden Bosch)'s effort to make the tackle on the one-yard line after the defense had four missed tackles was phenomenal. Then to get Albert to get them back in that situation was huge for the defense. Then we're able to play, and we're back in the fourth-and-five situation and Kyle took over and won the game for us. "

What was going through Haynesworth's head when he made that play?

Fisher: "It was loud. He had a good sense for the center, for the movement, for the body language. He had a sense for Byron [Leftwich] and where he was lined up. He has lined up underneath and below Byron many, many times. In that sense, if he's a little late, he's a little late. It's half the distance to the goal line. But he was thinking, ‘Make a play."

What did you think about the neutral zone infraction that got Chris Hope's interception called back?

Fisher: "It was hard for me to see. It was hard from the coaching tape and the angle to see anybody in the neutral zone. One of the things that was a challenge for our defensive line was that when you're getting such good pass-rush pressure and heat on them, the offensive linemen have a tendency to back up a little bit. They were, in my opinion on a number of plays, in illegal formations because the tackles and guards were so far back off the line of scrimmage. Ordinarily speaking, a defensive lineman will have this spacing issue. It's an instinctive spacing issue where you get lined up. Sometimes it may be in the neutral zone and this particular (officiating) crew called it. "

Do you know who committed the infraction, since the player they named was not on the field?

Fisher: "I did not get the correct number and it was hard to tell who was in the neutral zone at that point. "

What happened on special teams that allowed several long returns by Atlanta?

Fisher: "It's all correctable. It will get corrected. I'll give you an example – the return after Vinny (Fuller)'s touchdown, Vinny is our ‘contain man.' Vinny wasn't out there because he was tired. So we switched up and put someone else out there who wasn't used to it and it was just a combination of things. But we'll get all of that stuff corrected. "

What are your thoughts about Rob Bironas' missed field goals the last few weeks?

Fisher: "He could have put games away the last two weeks and he's missed. He's got to make those kicks. He kicked off very well, however. "

What do you think about the aggressive play of Kyle Vanden Bosch?

Fisher: "It's an example of what his style of play can do for you because he plays like that all the time. The first play of the game we had two missed tackles in the backfield on the reverse and he flattens out from the other end position, fights through two blockers and makes the tackle for a two-yard loss. "

What has Travis LaBoy shown so far this season?

Fisher: "Travis and Antwan (Odom) are playing very well. They are healthy, they're explosive and they rush the passer well. They're striking tight ends and tackles well on the run game. Our whole defensive line is playing well right now. "

Would it have been possible for Brandon Jones to catch the bobbled ball in the end zone?

Fisher: "It would have been a great catch. I think he was a little surprised that he had a chance to possess the ball, but he just couldn't secure. But he timed it up very well, which is good to see because there have been times when Brandon has mistimed some jumps before. But he timed that up very well. "

What does it mean to a team to come out with a win after not playing its best?

Fisher: "We talked about this as a staff. If we play a lot better and don't have some of these thing happen, then we would probably win this game a little more convincingly that we did. Now what approach would we take today had that happened? I think in retrospect it's probably good that this happened, that we were able to win a game in which we didn't play particularly well and a game where we were minus three in the [turnover] category. We can emphasize corrections much more now. That's basically what we have to do this week – get things corrected and improve. "

What did you think about the quick thinking of Craig Hentrich to tuck the ball and run rather than let his punt be blocked?

Fisher: "If there's an error up front in punt protection and a guy is clean (in front of the punter), you don't ever want to punt the ball. Craig has done it enough times to where with his peripheral vision, he can see that he's going to have a potential problem and he's not going to punt the ball. As it was in this particular case, it was a smart play. We didn't need that ball flying around. "

What happened in punt protection on that play?

Fisher: "There was just a lack of communication up front. "

Will you keep punter Josh Miller on the roster longer?

Fisher: "Yes, we will. We're going to see how Craig is during the week. "

Is Young reluctant to take a sack?

Fisher: "One play in particular he got out and he was flushed and he was over on the boundary. Had he gone out of bounds, he would have gone out of bounds probably three or four yards short of the line of scrimmage, and he threw the ball away. That's good. He's had several instances prior to that where he's stepped out of bounds for a (one) yard loss and that counts as a sack. So he is understanding now where he is and he can just throw the ball away. It's no problem once you get out of the pocket. Just as long as the ball is near the line of scrimmage, you can throw it away. He's still trying to make plays. Don't fault him for trying to make plays. "

What did you think about the play where he was under pressure and flipped the ball through the middle for an incomplete pass?

Fisher: "Again, he's made that throw before. If he's got someone clear in his vision, he's going to try to get the ball to him. He gets swung down and I'd say nine time out of 10 he'd probably complete that pass. He didn't yesterday. "

Can you comment on the Chris Davis reverse?

Fisher: "It was a 14-yard gain. We called the play, executed, and we got the first down on the reverse."

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