Titans-Texans Week: Wednesday Report

Titans-Texans Week: Wednesday Report

Head Coach Jeff Fisher answers questions about this weeks game against the Texans and the status of QB Vince Young.

What were the results of the MRI on Vince Young's injured leg?

Fisher: "It was exactly what we expected, and he's day-to-day. He didn't practice today, and we'll see how he is tomorrow. "

How do you tweak the gameplan to get the running backs past an opposing defense that stacks the line of scrimmage?

Fisher: "That becomes important every week. We need to carry balance into this game. This is a very aggressive ‘front seven' that is physical, that can collapse the pocket quick. They had a rough day against the Jaguars' rushing offense and that has skewed their statistics a little bit. But they are a good defense up front against the run. They've really improved there. We're going to have to have balance in this game. "

(Will you feel comfortable playing Young on Sunday if he is not able to practice this week?

Fisher: "As I said, he is playing a familiar opponent. I would be less likely to allow him to go without practice against an unfamiliar opponent. But the decision this week is going to be purely based on his physical condition. "

With this week's game being in Young's hometown of Houston, will that affect whether he plays?

Fisher: "He is very realistic about the injury. He's trusting the medical staff and he'll trust whatever they say. In addition to that, he's doing everything he can to heal up as quickly as possible. He is a quick healer. Again, we just have to wait and see. We can't use anything but time right now. We do have a significant amount of time between the time practice is over on Friday and kickoff. Sometimes that's all it takes with these types of injuries. But we just won't know. "

Can you comment on how Tampa Bay's defense adjusted when Kerry Collins entered the game last Sunday?

Fisher: "There were a few things. They referred to some of their base coverages, their two-deep coverages, and played some man-to-man, not concerned about his scrambling. It's nothing that we did not expect. We expected to see that adjustment once Kerry came in."

What do you think about the improvement Houston's offensive line has shown?

Fisher: "They've improved individually. ... The big thing there is that the ball is coming out. (Matt) Schaub is doing a terrific job releasing the ball. He's only been sacked 10 times and a number of those came in the Miami game, where they were scheme sacks. He thought he was protected, but the ball comes out. He's made some really good throws under pressure. He can put the ball down the field. They scheme it down the field. He's going to put a lot of pressure on your coverage scheme. He knows where to go with the ball, and he's very accurate. "

What do you think about Matt Schaub finally having a chance to lead a team in Houston?

Fisher: "He's a guy that, going back, we practiced against him here on the practice field his rookie year. He had a great deal of poise his rookie year, just after being there for several months. We felt like he was a very good quarterback. When Michael (Vick) did go down in Atlanta and [Schaub] went in, he made plays. He was productive. In retrospect, certainly Atlanta would regret the decision (to send him to Houston), but they couldn't predict the future. Certainly, Houston has benefited from it. "

Do you expect Texans WR Andre Johnson to be healthy enough to play on Sunday?

Fisher: "We have to prepare to see him. They have made significant adjustments. Everybody has stepped up. The tight ends and the entire receiving group has stepped up. Andre Davis has made some spectacular catches in crowds. We do expect to see him. We'll just kind of watch him. His situation is similar (to Vince Young's) in that he's day-to-day. I understand he was going to try to practice today, so we'll just have to watch and prepare for him. If [he does play], we have one additional challenge. In two weeks he had 14 catches and three touchdowns, and almost a 19 yard (per catch) average. All of the sudden he's been out for four (weeks) and when he comes back, Matt (Schaub) is going to be looking for him and we're going to have to defend him. "

Have you talked to Vince about being patient through his injury?

Fisher: "Yeah. He indicated to me that the training room is not a very pleasant place to spend time. That's indicative of the fact that he's never been in there. But he has to make use of the time there and be patient. Again, with this type of injury, you're going to see improvement each day. Whether or not seven days of improvement is enough to get him on the field that remains to be seen. "

What specific kind of treatment is required for an injury like Young's?

Fisher: "We tape an Advil on it. (laughs) "

How many times does Young visit the training room each day for treatments?

Fisher: "Two or three. There's only so much you can do. He was in all day yesterday and he came in Monday. He was in bright and early this morning. "

Is Young's injury the type that could worsen if he tries to come back too soon?

Fisher: "There is always a likelihood of reinjuring it or making it worse. If the muscle is not firing, the muscle's not stable. "

How do you think Texans RB Ahman Green has been playing?

Fisher: "There were some flashes last week against Jacksonville. Jacksonville's got a much-improved run defense. He's a guy who can hit a crease and go the distance. That's why they brought him in. Their offense has changed a little bit because he's there. They're more of a downhill type of running game rather than a zone scheme, which they started off using."


Transcripts courtesy of the Tennessee Titans

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