Press Pass: Texans Coach Gary Kubiak

Press Pass: Texans Coach Gary Kubiak

Texans Head Coach Gary Kubiak talks with the Nashville media about the upcoming game against the Titans.

(on if QB Matt Schaub's arrival in Houston quieted the talk about passing on Vince Young in the 2006 Draft)

I don't know. Vince is a local legend down here, very well respected and deservingly so. He's got a lot of fans down here, so that's just part of it. We're just trying to get our guy better and play better football. How much this town thinks of Vince, what he did at the University of Texas and growing up here as a kid, that is all, like I said, well deserved and they think a great deal of him.

(on if Schaub has performed well enough)

Well, he has done some good things. We have a long, long way to go. He's a young starter in this league. He's had about eight starts under his belt now. He's making strides. He's got a chance to be, I think, a great player. He's doing some really good stuff. There are some things we've got to clean up for our team to get better, but he's battling and hopefully we just continue to get better.

(on success passing the ball with starting WR Andre Johnson out due to injury)

I think that is a credit to young players. In this business, sometimes you don't know what you have until you give some of these kids a chance. One of the keys to our football team getting better was some young receivers stepping up and playing well for our team. They've been given an opportunity. Kevin Walter got a chance to become a starter, and he's taken full advantage of that; he's played well. Of course Andre (Johnson) has been out for a month. Andre Davis has stepped in and made some plays. David Anderson has made some plays. Of course Jacoby (Jones) has been out. When guys get opportunities in this league, they step up and let you know that they have been taking care of their business and they're ready to play. It's just a lot of credit to those kids staying focused and getting ready to go.

(on the positive attitude even with Johnson out)

There is no doubt it's very encouraging. I've been doing this a long time, and it's funny how many times it will happen. You start worrying about losing a player and what is going to happen at this spot, and then a lot of times guys will step into that spot and play extremely well. Other guys are worried about what is going to happen there instead of taking care of their job. That's been my deal with our team – you stay focused on your job and these receivers are going to step in and do their job. They have. They have really been impressive.

(on Johnson's status)

I think he is day-to-day. He ran hard yesterday for the first time. He ran a little bit last week. We'll find out where he is at today, as far as all the cutting and all those things it takes to play the game. He is doing well. Physically he is very, very close, but we're also going to smart and play him when he is 100 percent ready to go.

(on what has affected the outcomes of their games more, their opponents or their own play)

We have definitely fallen off. We have hurt ourselves. We've been turning the ball over all year. Even the games we've won, we turned the ball over. Anytime you turn the ball over in this league, it's hard to win. It has even been difficult in the three (wins) we were able to get, because we were battling, by turning the ball over. Last week (at Jacksonville) we went down there and hurt ourselves. We struggled in the red zone offensively. Defensively, we had the ball run right at us last week. There is no excuse. We should have had ourselves in a lot better position in the first half last week, we didn't. [The Jaguars] got after us in the second half. No excuses, we've been hurting ourselves. We're going to have to play a lot better to give us a chance this week. 

(on the difficulty of preparing for both QB Kerry Collins and Young)

We're going to prepare for Tennessee's football team, for their offense and what they do. You always have to prepare for everything; that is just part of the business. That is no different any week with anybody you're playing. You have to take a look at what they've done and how they've done it and get your football team ready to go. From the standpoint, the work is the same. We have a ton of work to do this week, not unlike any other week.

(on the status of RB Ahman Green and the rushing attack)

Well, we haven't run the ball very well at all. Of course, we haven't had [Green] him; we got him back last week. I don't think he is quite himself, but he did come out of the game okay. That is encouraging. Hopefully he continues to get better. We have struggled running the ball for various reasons, but we're going to keep battling and keep doing it. It's a point of emphasis as something that we're going to have to improve upon as a team to get better this year.

(on his impressions of RB LenDale White)

He's a big load. To me, Tennessee is a lot like the team we just played. They've got two backs back there that are very capable of beating you. They're committed to the run. They're going to run the ball, so you've got your work cut out for you up front. I'm very impressed with the player he has become. I've been really impressed with the kid out of Colorado (RB Chris Brown); I really liked him coming out. When he is healthy, I think he can be as good as anybody. Then you add the fact that Vince can run around, and you've got a very difficult team. As far as rushing the football, they do a great job.

(on his impressions of CB Cortland Finnegan)

It's just like I said. It is amazing when you lose great players or you have to replace guys, you give young guys a chance and it is amazing how they will step up. I think it's a credit to (Titans head coach) Jeff (Fisher). Jeff has always done a great job with players that seem like they come out of nowhere and are very effective players for his football team. I think that is a credit to the job he does as a coach and his staff. They've always produced players like that. Recommended Stories

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