Titans-Panthers Week: Thursday Report

Titans-Panthers Week: Thursday Report

Titans Head Coach Jeff Fisher talks about the upcoming game against the Panthers.

Has LenDale White become the running back the Titans had hoped for when they drafted him?

Fisher: "Yeah, primarily because he's getting the opportunity. Last year, he would fill in here and there, but Travis (Henry) was always our guy. Then [White] had a good preseason and he's been running very effectively for us. Last week was kind of an exclamation point for the offense. We just line up, and they say, ‘You can't run it," and we said, "We can," and we did. And now, you're only as good as the next week. So we have to try to reestablish that again. "

What about how much better White becomes after more carries?

Fisher: "When the running game is working appropriately, your threes and fours (yard runs) become seven, eight, and tens in the second. That's what has happened in the last several weeks. The line is doing a good job adjusting, and the staff is doing a good job putting them in the right situations. He's taking advantage of that. "

What do you think about the challenge Carolina's front four present on defense?

Fisher: "They're very stout. (DE Mike) Rucker is coming back off a knee injury and he looks like he's getting better and better each week. But this is a good front seven. Once again, the statistics are a little misleading. (DE Julius Peppers) is very active. (DT Kris) Jenkins inside is a big man and he's a run-stopper. We're going to have our hands full. It's not going to be and easy day for us. "

How much pressure is on Jeremy Cain as the team's new long snapper?

Fisher: "There is no pressure on Jeremy whatsoever. Jeremy is going to do the long snapping and Kevin (Mawae) is going to do the short snapping. Kevin has done it before. So we don't have any issues there. "

Will the passing game be more of a priority this week?

Fisher: "We have to set things up. We have to go into this game and be able to adjust. But the passing game is important. [The Panthers] are very well-coached in the secondary in the coverage schemes, and each and every week they have something new, a new little wrinkle. So we can anticipate things, and if we're not correct in the anticipation, then we're going to have to adjust. But we feel like we definitely need to make some plays down the field. "

What has been the influence of the Titans' backups in this team being 5-2?

Fisher: "We've got it throughout the team. Brandon (Jones) went down and was out for a number of weeks, and they've all contributed. Part of that is that we've been playing a lot of people. Casey (Cramer) plays and the other receivers have been rotating, so they've all just stepped up and made plays when we needed them to. "

Have you been frustrated about kicking field goals instead of scoring touchdowns?

Fisher: "I'm not frustrated. We keep working. If you lose sight of the importance of improving over the course of the season, you're not going to get any better. That's what we're trying to do. We're seeing improvement in a lot of areas – individual improvement. As long as we keep getting down there (into the red zone), the touchdowns will come. There are a lot of teams in the league that can't get inside the 20. We're getting inside the 20, and for whatever reason – a lot of it has to do with our defense – we're coming away with points. I think where the frustration comes is when you get in there and you miss a field goal or you turn the ball over. But we're coming away consistently with points and that's the most important thing. "

How do you address players who drop passes?

Fisher: "I think it's pretty simple – he didn't drop it on purpose. He'll go out and catch the next one. Just put it behind you. You have to take a defensive approach to a drop. Cornerbacks are going to give up a play. If they sit there and fret over it, they're going to give up another one. You have to have a very short memory and just understand that you're out there because you've caught a lot of balls over a long period of time. Just put it behind you".

Who do you think Carolina's starting QB will be Vinny Testaverde or David Carr?

Fisher: "That's hard to say. I don't know. We'll prepare for both of them. "

What is the possibility of being 6-2 at the midpoint of the season?

Fisher: "Why don't you ask me that question on Monday. (laughs)"

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