Press Pass: Ryan talks Titans

Press Pass: Ryan talks Titans

Texan's DeMeco Ryan talks about the upcoming game against the Titans.

(on this thoughts coming into the Texans' second faceoff with the Titans this season)

[The first] game is definitely still in the back of our minds. But also, I think the bigger picture is that this is a must-win game for us. It's a very important game in our season. It's very important that we win.

(on if the Titans' three-game losing streak will be an advantage or disadvantage for the Texans)

Any given Sunday, a team can come out and you can get their best. I don't think you can really look at the weeks previous because you never know what you're going to get from a team. From that standpoint, we still have to go out and prepare as well as we can to go out against those guys.

(on the Texans' success in holding the Titans to field goals in the previous matchup)

We had our backs against the wall. We did the best we could do. The guys did a great job of kicking field goals, and that's the only thing that we could do, was hold them to field goals. I just think, if we didn't hold them to field goals and they would have scored all those times they were in the red zone, that game would have really been ugly. But I think we had a good hold on them and I think we can do the same thing this time around.

(on a team's confidence during winning streaks and losing streaks)

It's a lot easier when you're winning. The confidence is high. It's a lot easier to come into work when you're winning and when things are going good. But the thing about that, is that you can't be fair-weathered. You can't get too high on yourself, and you can't get too down. Myself, I keep the same confidence and the same swagger every time I step out on the field, no matter if we're winning or losing. I still have to believe in myself and believe in my teammates that we can get it done.

(on a team's attitude during losing streaks)

I think it's a matter of guys going out and making plays, making things happen and making things go in the right direction.

(on how much a defensive stop on third down can pick up a team's momentum)

That's a huge momentum swing for you. Offenses, on third-and-one, they just know that they can get a yard easily. But when a defense stands up and stops an offense from getting that yard, that's a big momentum booster for the defense.

(on the bodily sacrifice of playing football, and how it will affect his body after retirement)

I haven't thought about that yet. I just live every day to the fullest. I haven't really thought about that. I just take it one day at a time. Recommended Stories

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