Titans-Chargers Week: Thursday Report

Titans-Chargers Week: Thursday Report

Titans Head Coach Jeff Fisher talks about the game against the Chargers

What do you think about Chargers return man Darren Sproles?

Fisher: "He had a kickoff return against the Colts, and a punt return against the Colts (both for touchdowns). He's close in every game, very, very close in every game to breaking one and making a big play. He's a very good returner. "

How well will the Titans' kick coverage have to play?

Fisher: "We need to play perhaps our best game of the year in all areas on special teams. [San Diego's special teams] are very talented – they've got exceptional speed and good return schemes. They have been in a position where they can block punts, they've been in position to block field goals. The other side of it, however, is they've also had a punt blocked and they've had a field goal blocked. They've had some returns against them. They are very, very talented, but there have been some big plays made against them. We just can't give up big plays against them this week."

What has been happening on the Titans special teams penalties this season?

Fisher: "With our numbers, we had a streak there where it was good and then we had the two unsportsmanlike conduct penalties at Denver that hurt us. Any time you get more than one penalty on special teams you're not satisfied. "

What are your thoughts on Chargers linebacker Shawne Merriman?

Fisher: "They'll move him around. He's an excellent pass-rusher. He's very, very strong at the point of attack in the run game. You have to be very careful about protections because what they try to do is create the mismatch and get him lined up on a back or on a tight end. When that's the case, he usually wins. "

Comment on ranking third in the league in forcing three-and-outs?

Fisher: "In a lot of ways, a three-and-out is like a turnover. You get the ball back to your offense. We had a difficult day in Cincinnati, but beyond that, our numbers have been fairly good. A three-and-out on defense is huge. "

Has Benji Olson had a health setback since yesterday's practice?

Fisher: "There was no setback. Ordinarily speaking, when Benji is healthy and playing we give him Wednesday off. But because he's had so much time off, we worked him yesterday and gave him today off. "

Which Titan better simulates the play of Chargers Antonio Gates in practice, Casey Cramer or Mike Williams?

Fisher: "It's hard to say. I'll have to give them a whole week. We've actually got Ben Troupe involved in there, also. "

Is simulating Gates on scout team a tough assignment?

Fisher: "It is tough to duplicate what Gates does on the field. "

What is the importance of fan involvement in the game with the Chargers visiting LP Field for the first time?

Fisher: "We'd certainly like to make it hard for [the Chargers] to hear. We understand what happened last week with the weather forecast, but this is a huge game for us. [The Chargers] have never been through the experience before, so [the fans] could sure help us."

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