Titans-Chiefs Week: Monday Report

Titans-Chiefs Week: Monday Report

Titans Head Coach Jeff Fisher talks about this weeks match-up against the Chiefs

(injury update)

It was clearly a very physical ball game. We have a lot of bumps and bruises. There was really nothing that is going to affect anybody as far as their return to play next weekend.

Chris Barclay had a minor turf toe, and he came back and finished with it. Eric King had a mild hamstring strain. I think Eric is going to be okay. The offensive line is a little banged up with some mild ankle things. Eugene Amano has a mild knee sprain. Beyond that I think we're going to be all right.

Vince (Young) is a little sore. His ribs are sore. He may be a little restricted on Wednesday, but I don't anticipate that to be a problem.

Albert (Haynesworth) was much better today than he was a week ago. Good news on the injury front.

(on guard Jacob Bell's status)

Jacob just had burner symptoms, referred to as a brachial-plexus injury. He was much better today.

(on if Young hurt his head on the hard hit by Chargers LB Shawne Merriman)

No, it wasn't a concussion at all. It was quite a collision. I don't believe there is anything malicious on Shawne's part. It just happened, and Vince just didn't expect it. He was carrying out his fake and looking back. That is the last time you expect to have a collision. I think it shocked him and took the wind out. He's got some minor rib issues we'll deal with.

(on if the officials should have called a penalty on the Merriman hit)

No, I don't think so. He was up the field, partially being blocked up the field. It was kind of just one of those things that happened.

(on the team's chances to make the playoffs)

Well, we have to win them all. There's no doubt about that. It's pretty simple. That starts with this week. If we play like we did yesterday, we'll have a chance to win the remaining three games. I'm not pleased with the outcome, and by no means pleased with the loss. But, I'm exceptionally pleased with the effort and the intensity in a lot of areas. The special teams production was very, very good. This group was very talented. It's the first time we had a 100-yard rusher and lost the game in a long time. The defense for three quarters against a very, very talented offense was something to be talked about. The numbers were there – the hits on the quarterback, the interceptions, the sacks and those kinds of things. We needed some things to happen at the end, and they just didn't happen. Some of the things were out of our control. That's part of the play. We needed to make a play, and we just didn't make a play right at the end.

(on not having a good camera angle on the review of Chargers WR Chris Chambers' fourth down catch)

Well, it's part of replay. Sometimes you're just not going to get a look. It was not a catch, but they couldn't overturn it because they didn't get a look. That's just part of replay. I'm a proponent of replay. I voted for it. I will continue to be. That just happens sometimes. I would have liked to have seen the play ruled incomplete and then go to replay, but it didn't happen that way. You would like to think there would have been some angles, but there were no angles from the offensive perspective from that end. That is where we clearly saw the ball was on the ground, but you go on. We had ample time. We had enough to make a stop. We did lose 10 seconds (when the clock did not restart on time) after the challenge, which is not good. That just should not happen. Whether that is administrative, whether it's the crew, whether it's the clock operator, I just don't know. But when they score with nine seconds left, ten seconds is a lot of time. Again, those are things that were out of our control. We had a lot of things that we could control in this game but we didn't. They made the plays to win at the end, and we didn't.

(on if reviewing the game film made it clear that the Chambers play definitely was not a catch)

I'm not going to refer to exactly what made it clear other than that I saw it. I was there. Then I've seen another shot that shows it just wasn't a catch. You can't overturn it. It was a great effort by Chris, and he is going to say he caught it.

(on if he has talked with the league office about the clock issues)

Yes I have, and that is between me and the league office.

(on any explanation of the stopped clock)

Well it's hard to say whether [the referee] wound it the first time. I believe he did, and he wound do it again. There was a delay time there where the clock operator apparently didn't see that it was supposed to be wound.

(on who operates the clock)

Those are league-appointed.

(on if he worries about the toll a loss like this has on the team)

No, I really don't. I expect them to bounce back. They showed a lot of really good plays, great effort plays and execution plays and things that we set out to do. They're good at that, not that you like that, but they can put things in perspective and move on. I thought we had a good session this morning, and they did so.

(on why flipping Haynesworth and DE Kyle Vanden Bosch was so successful)

Well, they can game differently with different pass-rush games and so forth. Sometimes Kyle comes all the way around, and sometimes he doesn't. It kind of keeps them on their toes.

(on why K Rob Bironas missed his 29-yard field goal attempt)

The timing was off. We were delaying our snap a little bit. Because it was fourth and less than five, we were hoping to get them to jump offsides. They did not. Rob got a little anxious, and he started a little early.

(on if they mess with timing often on kicks)

At some point, he gets a little anxious, but he has been accurate. It's a 29-yard field goal. You should not miss it even if the timing is off a little. You should still stroke it through the uprights.

(on what went wrong when Young was intercepted)

It was a good play. The coverage came off, the DB came off, they fit it. On one [Young] had somebody in his face, and on the other, (Antonio) Cromartie came off on the corner, dropped his coverage and came off on the play.

(on fans being critical, whether the Titans decide to throw or pass)

People are entitled to their opinions. We are trying everything we can to win the ballgame. I don't second guess that call (the incomplete pass to Bo Scaife with 2:37 remaining) whatsoever. That ball was knocked down by a hand, which the defender did not see the ball. It was one of those things. There were a dozen of those things in this ballgame. That's a shot. If that ball is caught or not knocked down, the game is over. We're trying to win the ballgame. You can make a case that if you would have run it, they would have used another timeout. Well, you have had a timeout and the two-minute warning. We're trying to put it away. We're trying to win the game.

(on whether the pass to Scaife was executed as planned)

That was the designed play. We got the coverage we wanted, the throw we wanted, but the defender put the hand up.

(on the health of WR Brandon Jones)

We're still getting information. It's not likely that he'll play this week.

(on when the Titans will know more about the health of SS Chris Hope)

There is a possibility of surgery for Chris. But we're not going to rush into it. The difference between a week and two or three weeks is not going to have any kind of effect on what happens or how quickly he returns to OTAs and things next year.

(on WR Biren Ealy's role in the coming weeks)

[His tackle] was a good play on the second kickoff. He made a nice play there. We're going to continue to work him in the special teams area and hopefully get him on the field offensively.

(on the stitches in RB LenDale White's finger from a laceration during the Houston game last week)

He had them in during the ballgame. He tore a couple of them in the ballgame at the end. Typically speaking, they're going to be in seven to 10 days.

(on if he is able to be effective with the stitches)

Yeah. That third-and-one run was as good a run as you'll see. The seven-yard touchdown run was a really good run, too. So was the 25-yard run where he made Merriman miss in the hole. He's running the ball well, as is Chris (Brown) when Chris got the opportunity. 

(on the blocking of WR Mike Williams)

He has not been involved in the pass game. We're going to continue to work with him. But blocking is important to him. On the (Chris Brown) touchdown run, he was very effective. Then on LenDale's run, he enabled LenDale to pick up on his long run, and that's just six or seven yards.

(on FS Michael Griffin's coverage on TE Antonio Gates' two-yard touchdown reception)

He was playing the fade. You play slant to fade. That took the inside away, and it was a perfect throw and catch. It's not the fist time Gates has come down in the end zone with the ball.

(on why it is tough to play on the road in the Kansas City Chiefs' Arrowhead Stadium)

It's the wind, the weather, the cold, the noise. It's a very noisy, very difficult place to play from the noise standpoint. We're going to have to deal with it.

(on whether it is harder to win in a venue the Titans haven't played in recently)

We've been okay on the road. We're going to take a professional approach and do the things we need to do this week to go out and play. Avoid distractions, and just get ready to try to go win a game against a team that it very well-coached. They've got a lot of injuries. They've lost some games consecutively, but we've got to go out and find a way to outscore them.

(on whether teams have to work harder the week after a loss to remove the pain from a loss)

I'll have to work hard to get it out of the staff's system. Players are resilient – they move on. It's a couple days and then they're back. It's the next challenge. It's who we're playing next or what we've got to do next. So by tomorrow afternoon, they'll be fine. By Wednesday, they'll be fine. With coaches, it's ‘What could we have done differently?' That takes a toll on you for a couple days. But we have to put it behind us and move on.

(on whether the team looks at last year's playoff scenario when trying to get into the playoffs this year)

Nope. Last year at this time we had just beat Houston in overtime and we were 6-7. We were rolling. Things were great. We're 7-6. Things are still okay. We played very well yesterday and didn't win. That's it. We move on.

Transcript courtesy of the Tennessee Titans

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