Titans-Colts Week: Tuesday Report

Titans-Colts Week: Tuesday Report

Titans Head Coach Jeff Fisher talks about the upcoming game against the Colts and the playoffs

(Injury update)

Fisher: "Eric King required surgery this morning to fix his fractured forearm. So Eric will be out. It's probably going to be a four to six week injury, similar to that of Ahmard Hall. We'll have to do something with Eric not being available down the stretch. Aside from Eric, we came through this pretty good. I'm pretty optimistic about Kevin Mawae and Nick Harper returning to the practice field this week. From a health standpoint, we should be fairly good moving into the week."

(on if Mawae and Harper's injuries are strains)

Fisher: "Calf strains. They are mild strains. But Nick's was, as I mentioned last night, was a little unusual because of the timing. I had three to five minutes to put in the inactives and we couldn't take him back out there to completely examine him. So I just had the roll the dice. I had to do what was best for the team, and kept Kelly (Herndon) up and just rested Nick. It worked out for us."

(on how Herndon and CB Reynaldo Hill played in relief of the injured secondary)

Fisher: "Everybody stepped in. Rey obviously was playing well before he went out for a few series. When Kelly came in, Kelly was active and made some plays. We did a nice job plugging people in throughout the game. Stephen (Tulloch) played well. Stephen was very active. He had a lot of tackles. He was in the right place and was a big part of our defense against the run."

(on if Marquice Cole will be activated from the practice  squad to fill King's roster spot)

Fisher: "We haven't discussed what roster moves we're going to make at this point."

(on King's impact on special teams this season)

Fisher: "He's been one of our more productive players and was playing very well in the nickel. Eric can come in and play corner and can play nickel, and really has been a factor most of the year on special teams. We're going to try to replace him with that type of player."

(on LB Gilbert Gardner's health)

Fisher: "He's getting better. He'll be close (to returning) this week. He's improving."

(on Hill's health)

Fisher: "He was cleared to come back in the game. We just didn't put him in the game."

(on the Jets' no-huddle offense)

Fisher: "When they subbed, we could sub. They subbed almost every play, so we didn't have a problem. The officials were on top of it. You just don't get caught with 12 guys on the field when they sub in a no-huddle situation. It wasn't a problem. It was a little unsettling for us at first. They did a nice job of no-huddling and getting on the line of scrimmage and then taking their time. We got caught off-guard a couple times when they'd just go out and snap the ball. But it was a good plan. I think the no-huddle approach, similar to Indy, is that is does, in a lot of ways, neutralize the crowd. It's difficult to keep the noise up while the play is being called."

(on focusing on the Indianapolis game knowing that the Titans must win to make the playoffs)

Fisher: "It's no different than the last few weeks. It's just put a gameplan together, prepare, and try to go out and win a ballgame, try to defeat your next opponent."

(on talk of whether the Colts will play their starters or rest them)

Fisher: "Common sense tells you that you go up there and expect to play four quarters of football against their starters, and (expect that) those guys that have been out are going to play. That's the only approach you can take. You can't pay any attention to what they may do or who may play for how long, or what is being said. You have to go up there and do your best to win the ballgame."

(if the playoff frenzy is as exciting for him as it is for the public)

Fisher: "I'm excited for the players. They've worked very hard. They were counted out several weeks ago and they stayed focused and believed that they could get back in it. So I'm excited for them. They're deserving of an opportunity. They're not there yet, by any means. Indy's a good football team. We're going to have to find a way to win it. But (the players) are very excited right now. We told them if they just stay focused and work at it, good things will happen. And they've happened."

(on the series where WR Roydell Williams dropped a short  pass, then caught the next pass for 19 yards)

Fisher: "He dropped the ball. There are drops in games. He's made a lot of catches in the last few weeks and he's been very consistent for us. I think the receivers did a good job against this particular scheme. Justin (Gage) did well. Roydell showed he can make plays. He's been making plays for us."

(if the Titans can learn from Game 16 of last season against the Patriots, with playoff hopes at stake)

Fisher: "Last year's situation was a lot different. You had four different things that had to happen in addition to us beating a really good football team. So I think even though you stay focused, you work and try to do everything you can to win the game, I think that probably in the back of some of the players' minds, they didn't anticipate all of those scenarios working out. There's one scenario this week, and that's try to score one more point than [the Colts] do. It's very simple."

(on the success of the Titans' defensive line)

Fisher: "They study all week long with protections, formations, where the back is and those kinds of things. They work at their game like everybody else does on the field, especially in passing situations, and they try to take advantage of the center sliding one way or another. Jim (Washburn) does a good job with the guys. Kyle (Vanden Bosch), Albert (Haynesworth), all the guys understand. Now we got most of our pressure, except for Tony Brown's sack, most of our pressure was edge pressure. We beat the tackles and beat them quickly yesterday. Tony's sack at the end was an inside stunt where Kyle moved back inside, so now they don't know if Kyle is going to wrap or work with Albert or work back the other way. So it was a well-executed stunt."

(on his "crystal ball")

Fisher: "It's still in there. It's back in the box. I'll need to pull it out for a few more days. I'll have extra security outside my office this week (laughs). It has one purpose."

(on the leverage penalty called on Tony Brown)

Fisher: "It relates to anybody that puts his hand on the back then tries to jump up and leap off the opponent's back. Tony was reminded before the play that he couldn't do it. He said, "I was just trying to win, Coach." And I told him that trying to win is doing what you're told to do. It was a unique set of circumstances. In retrospect, he probably thinks it was a good play. It took points off the board."

(on any potential fine against Tony Brown for the leverage penalty)

Fisher: "No, that's not a fineable offense, at least not from a league standpoint."

(on whether the team will fine Brown)

Fisher: "I don't discuss those kinds of things."

(on if there is any kind of coaches' code about games like next week's)

Fisher: "There is none. Coaches are going to do what they feel is best for their team. Some coaches over the years play their players (with a playoff berth locked), some don't. Take our situation hypothetically. They don't benefit from the game at all, yet there is another team out there that hopes they play us as good as they can, because that other team gets in if we don't. I think the overriding feeling there is that somewhere down the line in the past weeks had we just won one more game, it wouldn't be an issue. We all control our own destiny. Cleveland would have been sitting pretty good had they won the game yesterday. They can't place any blame or any hope based on what their opponent is going to do."

(on if S Vincent Fuller was limited in yesterday's game by a shoulder injury)

Fisher: "Vinny wasn't limited. He was in a backup role where we could have called on him. He did come in for a few plays. He would have been able to play. We had gotten Eric (King) most of the reps earlier in the week. We got to the point where Vinny was okay, but since Eric practiced and we liked the matchup, we just let Eric handle the nickel back spot because of the confidence we had in him."

(on why QB Vince Young was upset at halftime)

Fisher: "He was just upset with the flow of the first half. He felt like we should have put more points on the board. We sorted things out at halftime, and he was fine. Again, he's very competitive. He wants to play well and make big plays. He's just very competitive."

(on how C Eugene Amano filled in for the injured Kevin Mawae)

Fisher: "I thought he played a very good game considering the defensive front. When you play an odd front and you're covered all the time, it was very physical. I thought our offensive line and tight ends blocked very, very well. We were very efficient in the run game. It's hard when you need five yards to run the clock out, and you put two tight ends, two backs, and one receiver, and you say "Here we go, now stop it." That is a tough run situation, but for us to pick up the first down was quite a credit to the guys up front."

(on if the fumbles by Young were common problems)

Fisher: "No. The one where he pump-faked and lost it, it's a slick ball and he lost it. There is nothing there."

(on young players' maturity with regards to playoff scenarios)

Fisher: "We brought that up last year in the closing meeting. If you just take care of your own responsibility, good things happen. That carried over into the offseason and throughout most of the season. It's simply a waste of time to worry about what everyone else is doing. If you just play as good as you can and worry about the details as a team, then good things happen. This is a team right now that is very, very excited about having an opportunity. They are very truly excited about playing this weekend."

(on if the AFC South this year is the toughest division he has ever played in)

Fisher: "We felt that coming into the season that each team improved. Who [knew] what Indy would be doing? They may be playing for a perfect record had they not had their injuries. We knew Jacksonville was going to be much improved, and we had a lot of respect for Houston as well. It's a tough division. It would be a good thing to have three playoff teams from this division."

(on the gameplan against the Colts)

Fisher: "We'll take the same approach. Not the same game plan because we typically take a different game plan into the game defensively every time we play them, but you have their weapons to deal with. Even though Marvin (Harrison) has not been playing, Reggie (Wayne) has been playing a lot on the other side. (Anthony) Gonzalez and Dallas (Clark), they are very, very talented. Three (field goals) are good things in this game. You have to play really good in the red zone. You have to keep the ball away from them and hope you can hold them to field goals." 

(on Jim Sorgi, the Colts backup QB)

Fisher: "Well there is tape from yesterday, about three or four series from yesterday. That is all we have."

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