Titans-Colts Week: Wednesday Report

Titans Head Coach Jeff Fisher talks about the upcoming game against the Colts

(on what personnel he is expecting the Colts to play in Sunday's game)

It doesn't matter what they do. What matters is what we do. We can't get caught up in who's playing and who's not, or who's active and who's not, or who's hurt. We've just got to go play. That's what we're going to do this week. We're going to have to play one of our better games of the year to win this game.

(on if the Titans have a different gameplan if backup Jim Sorgi plays)

No. Obviously it's the biggest challenge of the year defensively when you face Peyton (Manning). Jim's in the same offense, so he's going to try to execute the same things. So it's not like you've got a first half and second half gameplan. We've got a gameplan and we've got to go out and execute it.

(on Colts S Bob Sanders)

I think his absence last year was felt with the team. When he came back in that one game, they won the World Championship. He's one of the better defensive players in the league right now. He does a lot of different things and he does them all  very well.

(on if he still has his "crystal ball")

Yeah, it's in the office.

(on what the "crystal ball" is saying)

(Laughs) I can't share that with you.

(on how QB Vince Young has developed over his first two seasons)

He's started all but one game this year. We have to win one to get in the playoffs. So I think that speaks for itself as far as his development. He's had some games where he's lit it up statistically, and he's had some other games where we didn't have to lean on him. He's managed the game as our starting quarterback, and we're about to reach our number one goal this year with him as the starter, and that's to get to the playoffs.

(on Young's performance during primetime games)

He played two very good games on the two Monday Nights, but he's also played some other games. He played some very good games last year and he's played well in non-primetime games as well.

(on if the Titans might subconsciously let their guards down if they know Colts starters will be benched)

No. All you have to do is look at the tape and watch to see what [the Colts] do when they subbed, and see what happens with their subs. Our approach is to disregard the numbers and just regard the name on the jerseys, and just go play. This is about us, and this is about us getting better this week each day, and having a chance to win this game. There's no subconscious letdown or anything. We know what's at stake here. We have to play, as I said, perhaps our best game.

(on the chance of getting into the playoffs with a win)

That's our goal every year. That was what we set out to do last year. We didn't take advantage of the opportunity in the last game. To be able to look back and say that you got to the halfway point of the season at 6-2 and then stumbled a little bit but fought your way back and got in, I think it would be a significant accomplishment for us. But I'm not looking ahead, because we have a huge challenge this week. So when you run this, run my whole statement (laughs). When you get there, you just can't be satisfied just getting to the playoffs. That's not fair to the team. You expect to do some things in the playoffs. A couple weeks ago we said we had to win three to get in. We've won two and now we've got to win a third one. When we get in there, we can talk about it. 

(on whether the attention paid to Colts TE Dallas Clark opens things up for other offensive players)

When you talk about tight ends in the league, people talk about (Kansas City's Tony) Gonzalez and they talk about (San Diego's Antonio) Gates. Dallas, even though he's so productive, I still think he's underrated. He's got exceptional receiving skills and he still blocks. The two of them (Clark and QB Peyton Manning) are always on the same page. You go into this game, and there are weapons all over the place. But once he starts going vertical down the field off play-action, it creates a lot of problems for you.

(if how an opposing defense can get Peyton Manning rattled)

There's no such thing as rattling him. On rare occasions you might get a hit on him. If a guy wins a one-on-one and he knows he's protected and gets sacked, then it's a chance to get hit on him. But he just doesn't rattle. He comes right back. He'll get frustrated at his teammates at times for not being on the same page, which in an offense that is very, very sophisticated and complex, that happens sometimes. But you don't rattle him. You don't frustrate him. He's proven year after year that he can stay in there in tough situations.

(on if this Colts team is a different team than the Titans faced in Week 2)

No, I think they're the same team. We expected when we saw them to put a lot of points on the board. Their defense is playing very aggressively with a lot of speed. And they're very good on special teams. If they're any different, they're probably a little better.

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