Mini-Camp Report

Mini-Camp Report

Titans Head Coach Jeff Fisher talks about mini-camp.

What are your thoughts on the team signing left tackle Michael Roos to a multi-year contract?

Jeff Fisher "You know, I've been through that experience once, and it was very, very important to us.  We had Brad (Hopkins) and Steve (McNair) together.  Brad – Brad Hopkins I'm talking about – did a great job week in and week out protecting Steve's backside against some very, very talented pass rushers, and that's the same thing that Mike can do, so it was very important to us.  I think he's a very underrated tackle, specifically a left tackle.  He's got a lot ahead of him.  It's good.  It's a real good situation."

Is there a message with the Roos signing that players who perform will be compensated?

Jeff Fisher "I think it is.  I mean, we did it with Tony Brown; we did it with Eugene Amano, and we're going to continue to work on those types of things.  It gets hard when all of a sudden you're facing free agency and you're competing with the rest of the league.  It makes sense to go ahead and keep your good players."

Are you potentially making passing touchdowns in the red zone a top focus?

Jeff Fisher "We're going to work on a lot of different things.  We got into the two-minute phase today.  We got in the plus territory; we're going to continue to work on that.  What we're trying to do is win more games than we won last year, however we do that.  I believe we can stand to improve in the plus territory.  We're going to work through it throughout the offseason. We've had some real good work.  This is our third, or actually our fourth, OTA (Organized Team Activities), and I'm very, very pleased overall with the participation, with the attendance and with the hard work that's going on.  It's a very well-conditioned team, and they're having a lot of fun.  We had a few guys that weren't here today.  They were all excused for personal reasons.  I have no problem with the way the offseason's going.  I'm very excited.  The staff's working well together.  We have identified areas that we need to improve on, and the red zone would be one of them."

How is Vince Young progressing with new offensive coordinator Mike Heimerdinger?

Jeff Fisher "He's doing great.  He and Mike have been spending a lot of time together with Craig (Johnson) and the other quarterbacks.  He's got a good understanding.  We're asking him to do some different things, and so it's going to require reps and reps and reps.  But he's got a good handle over what we're trying to do."

What about Chris Hope's presence and does it help the defense?

Jeff Fisher "Yes it does.  [Michael] Griffin was excused.  Griff was taking finals yesterday and today.  He will be in this weekend.  He will be here through the rest of the Spring.  To get Griff working with Chris is going to be real good.  Chris is here six hours a day, five days a week.  He is really excited about being back and have that put behind him."

Have you talked to Mike Heimerdinger about how to deal with Vince Young and vice versa?

Jeff Fisher "No.  I think a lot of that is overblown.  The two of them are really enjoying each other and I think their relationship is strong.  It is only going to grow.  Vince understands and he knows what Mike has done and what he can do.  Mike clearly understands and sees Vince's potential, so they are working hard to try to get the ball in the end zone.  That is the bottom line."

Is Alge Crumpler where you expected?

Jeff Fisher "He has really worked hard since arriving here six to eight weeks ago.  He has gotten himself in real good shape.  His weight is down and his knees feel good.  He has very soft hands and understands the game.  He has been a really good addition to our offense."

How is
Ryan Fowler's recovery and where did you feel he would be at this point?

Jeff Fisher "We expected him to be ready.  I don't think he could participate in a padded practice right now.  He is probably several weeks away from that, but everything else is going well for him."

What are some of the flaws in Vince's game that Mike may be trying to fix?

Jeff Fisher "The only flaws in his game are just lack of experience because he is going into his third year.  I think any quarterback that has played a year and a half that is going into his third year in this league still has a lot to learn.  That is what Mike is trying to get across to Vince is that you need to see things over and over again and recognize things.  Then there is the other side, the footwork and the technique and those kind of things that we are working hard on.  I wouldn't say there are flaws.  He is a very talented, young quarterback."

Are you pleased with LenDale White?

Jeff Fisher "He has worked through the offseason surgery.  He has been here working.  The number of plays and his workload will only increase now."

Is White's weight is okay?

Jeff Fisher "He is in good shape.  From a conditioning standpoint he is understandably behind the rest of the guys because he was limited coming off the knee scope, but the knee issue is behind him and he feels good." Recommended Stories

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